Instant Glo Bleach Cream

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Herbal products with bleaching action are rich in organic ingredients and show up a positive action on the skin, maintaining the radiance, sheen and the grace. The dirt and melanin content accumulated on skin pores and cells are eliminated gradually. Regular use of Ozone Herbals’ bleaching creams infused with organic actives like Aloe vera, Turmeric etc., aid in removing dark circles on the skin also. It removes the dirt and other matter from blocked pores, as the result, skin breathes naturally. The herbal bleaching creams are effective for all-day use and without any parabens.

The herbal bleaching cream from Ozone Herbals does not cause any disruption in pH balance of the skin tone. The cream shows no potential burning, inflammation or irritation. The deep cleansing action of cream is noteworthy as it dishes out fair skin tone along with it maintains skin suppleness and softy appeal. The Instant Glo Bleach Cream is perfect for use on the oily skin, and sensitive skin. If you have a typical skin condition with dilated pores, the cream produces amazing results.

Furthermore, since the bleaching agent used in Ozone Herbals cream has organic actives, use of artificial preservatives or coloring agents is beyond recognition. Radiating beauty and exuberance alongside giving nourishment to the skin surface, makes the bleaching cream a worthy product.

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D-Tan Cleanser

Rated 4.85 out of 5

The harmful rays emanating from skin produce harmful effects on skin’s epithelial lining. Skin begins to show effects of solar tanning on facial skin, which gradually begins to spread over to other parts of the body. Ozone Herbals’ D-Tan is the herbal product, suitable for all types of skin as it controls and restricts the tanning. The product has the effectiveness of Milk Lactic Acid, Cucumber and Shea Butter. The cream works in favour of sun-tanned, dark and dull skin that has pigmentation. D-Tan is recommended for use at least once a week.

Ozone Herbals’ D-Tan cleanser is a skin-friendly and superb facial cleanser infused with lemongrass organic actives, which helps in lightens the skin colour and removing the sun tan, Moreover, it also helps in the restoration of skin’s fairness and natural beauty, giving the skin its natural glow. D-Tan works as a powerful extra foliating agent, which removes the dead cells on the epithelial skin lining. This herbal product grows the cells lying underneath the epidermis and gradually replace the cells on epithelial lining. The replacement of cells results in glowing skin. The tan due to environmental heating gets faded away over a period of time.

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