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Herbal Scrub Soaps Online in India

Mint Scrub Soap

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Purify Your Skin with Herbal Mint Soap

Mint scrub soap is a new herbal formula devised by Ozone Herbals that acts as a perfect skin toner, moisturizer and an exfoliant. With all these three qualities infused in the soap, your skin does not want any special treatment in spa centres. Above all, this mint body soap is natural and skin safe. You do not have to fear any skin reactions or reddishness. This mint soap treats you like the way you feel pampered.

Mint Bath Soap: Herbal Formula for Treating Skin Problems

Problems on the skin surface can be a real torture on your skin and living with them gives the feeling that you are already in the dark dungeons of hell. Satan is burning you alive. With mint bathing soap you feel relieved and in heaven. The purifying mint soap bar comes with the astringent power of peppermint, menthol and constituents such as Salicylic Acid. Addition of Vit A makes herbal mint soap practically useful in regulating oil content, tightening the skin pores. Moreover, mint soap will prevent recurrence of contagious skin infections. Your choice of best mint soaps in India rests with Ozone Herbals. You have the best mint soap, which replenishes the skin and gives it a radiating glow. You feel on top of the world.

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Holy Basil (Tulsi) Scrub Soap

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Reap Ayurvedic Benefits with Tulsi Soap

Soft and tender skin is the greatest gift of nature, and Ozone Herbals’ tulsi scrub soap brings this gift to your bathing room. Experience the exfoliating wash with our basil soap and feel the goodness of polished skin. This basil tulsi soap is enriched with extracts of Neem (Margosa) and the Sacred Basil (Tulsi), suited for skin damage, pigmentation and above everything else, improves the tone of skin. This Herbal tulsi soap is the right product to choose for protecting skin from blemishes and general body infections. The herbal soap imbues a completely refreshing feeling by rejuvenating epidermis and dermis of the skin.

Basil Soap Offers Healthy and Scar-Free Skin

The basil soap is useful in treating scars and improving the texture of skin. And if you have lately started showing the signs of skin loosening or skin burns, start bathing regularly with tulsi bar soap. It gives you relief. You have a skin that breathes and glows all the time. Besides, there is always a protective shield on your skin when you are in direct sunlight. This Herbal tulsi soap is an incredible herbal advantage that saves your skin and enhances its beauty. You have a new aura built around, which is outstandingly startling.

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Lavender Scrub Soap

Rated 4.50 out of 5

Lavender Soap for Complete Body Wash

Scars and dark spots interspersed with wrinkles on the facial skin gives out a monstrous feeling and you continue to live in guilt. This pure herbal lavender soap is a game changer here, which takes off the guilt feeling and instils confidence in you. This pure lavender scrub soap comes in a non-drying preparation that cleanses and polishes skin. Regular washing the skin with lavender bathing soap will not deprive your skin of its natural oils. You have the all-time best lavender soap for skin replenishment and smoothing.

The purity of Ozone Herbals’ lavender scrub soap and its use in treating skin problems cannot be compared to any herbal bath soap or scrub.

Pure Lavender Scrub Soap treats your Skin

Lavender scrub soap is enriched with exquisite properties of lavender oil, which soothes dry skin areas and prevents the occurrence of itchy sensation. Lavender scrub soaps are an effective treatment for psoriasis, simultaneously exfoliating the skin by sloughing the dead skin cells away. The result is that you feel confident and expressive. The skin radiates amazing exuberance. In short, the lavender scrub soap from Ozone Herbals is a complete skin wash for all skin types. It is the best lavender soap in India, which offers you value for your money.

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Jasmine Scrub Soap

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Feel Luxuriant and Supple with Jasmine Soap

It is extremely rare you find a scrub soap that gives you the feeling of esteemed luxury and marvels your skin. The exclusive range of Jasmine scrub soaps from Ozone Herbals are scented soaps for overall skin protection and tone enhancement. Our Jasmine soap pampers your skin, keeps it refreshing and soft, and more importantly, surprises everyone. The oil used in soap is extracted from the flowers of Jasmine. This Herbal Jasmine soap enhances the softness of skin, increases the elasticity and helps in eliminating the dead skin cells. Jasmine oil is indispensable in improving critical skin conditions. This Jasmine scented soap is also effective in washing away impurities.

Jasmine Scrub Soap for Beauty and Skin Care

This Jasmine bathing soap is a complete beauty wash as well as a skin care system, rejuvenating the skin texture without causing any side effects. With a maintained pH balance, this Jasmine soap is beneficial for oily, dry and sensitive skin. The fragrance emanating from lather is hypnotic that it enchants the soul. The soap sensitizes your skin, each time you bathe. It is undeniably the only best Jasmine soap around to restore your lost beauty and glow.

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Turmeric Scrub Soap

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Turmeric Soap Makes You Feel Young

Turmeric soaps are special, for these instil the ever-celebrated feeling of youthfulness in you. These are anti-aging cleansers plus superb moisturizers that rejuvenate the skin, keeps it clean, refreshing and forever shining. The burning sensation on skin, or dry skin, which is on the brink of falling apart- the pure turmeric soaps are meant to give an effective wash and drains off all toxins from every pore on skin. This turmeric soap for face and body is a complete herbal enhancement for extra sensitive skin. It keeps the skin nurtured and exudes a supplant feel. The turmeric in this herbal bathing soap does all the work in background and you appear cheerful.

Best Turmeric Scrub Soap with Herbal Base

This turmeric scrub soap is an ideal for removing blemishes, scars and also firming up the skin in general. Turmeric soaps have the superb property of skin repair and renewal, besides detoxification, and you will feel it happening after washing session. Packed with antioxidants, this turmeric bathing soap is for all types of skin treatment and scar removal. Your skin is replenished naturally as the dead skin cells are sloughed away.

Herbal turmeric soap from Ozone Herbals is the pure turmeric soap with herbal qualities and rapid action. Regularly bathing your skin with turmeric herbal soap changes your skin tone from the dark to fair and light one. It is the best turmeric soap to go with if you are serious about protecting your skin from infections.

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Full Body Scrub Soaps with Cleansing Actions

Skin needs constant hydration and sufficient moisture content to prevent the occurrence of skin diseases. The herbal scrub soaps from Ozone Herbals is the answer to your dreadful experiences. These scrub soaps are unbelievably the best scrub soaps you like to adorn in your bathroom’s soapbox. You are freed from blemishes, and there is a clean skin, which continues to glow ever after.

The scrub soap can also be used as daily scrub soap for routine skin care. Ozone Herbals scrub soaps work great for systemic skin infections, especially because these soaps have a strong cleansing action. These soaps are non-comedogenic and prevent blocking of skin pores. Whether your skin is sensitive or oily, these body scrub soaps are always the best count to go with.

Treating the skin conditions is not a one-day story, and you don’t even need a conjurer’s trick here either. These scrub soaps in India are categorized among the best scrub soaps enriched with the power of herbs, which never allow infections to become big and incurable. These full body scrub soaps are equally effective against clogging. The pores of facial & body skin breathe. Moreover, your skin feels soothing, and the occurrence of systemic skin infections seem far-fetched.

Ozone Herbals is one of the largest producers of full body scrub soaps in India. Buy scrub soaps online from Ozone Herbals and experience refinement in skin tone.