Cucumber Bathing Bar

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The thing that makes the most sense when it comes to beauty is being able to keep on being as natural as possible with your skin. Cucumber extract is one of the ingredients that can be very helpful to you. Bring home the Ozone Herbals Cucumber Soap and nourish your skin leaving it enriched and glowing.

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Hydrated Skin with Herbal Cucumber Soap

The cucumber soap is a cucumber-based enriched with glycerine, ideal for fair complexion, acne treatment and pH balance. This cucumber soap in India is one of the unique and multi-purpose skin cleansers that also works as a moisturizer. The cucumber used in this soap acts invariably deep inside the skin to keep it hydrated for long, even when you are exposed to scorching heat. The hydrating barrier created is critical in protecting the skin from damaging earthy elements and particulate matter suspended in the environment. The cucumber bathing soap comes in shape of a bar and is handy.

Herbal Cucumber Soap Suitable for Acne

Use of cucumber in the soap maintains the moisturizing balance and supplies the skin with nourishment, for a longer duration. The rich content of ascorbic acid in cucumber bathing soap is indispensable for tightening the skin pores and absorbing excess oil, which substantially improves acne-prone complexions. It is incomparably the best cucumber soap for the properties not found in sodium stearate soaps. This cucumber soap for acne is a surprisingly celestial boon from Ozone Herbals, creating subtle smoothness on your skin, and besides building up feel-fresh sensitivity. Your friends will also acknowledge the supple beauty you gained after using cucumber bathing soap.

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Cucumber – The Protector

Cucumber has long been known to help hydrate and rid the body of toxins. With its high concentrations of water, fibre, minerals, antioxidants and vitamin B, this super-food is also a go-to ingredient in gentle skincare. The enzymes and vitamins found in cucumber help to stimulate cell growth and strengthen connective tissues.

Direction for use

Apply to wet skin and rinse off with water.

Suitable for all skin types, for daily use.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This soap has a light and pleasant scent. The lather is perfect and the soap is very gentle!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    It is good for dry skin. good in fragrance. Its only suitable in summer, for winter it makes skin more dry. Overall this product is good for adults.

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