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Ozone Herbals Almond Soap

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  • Replete with cold-pressed Almond oil, this bathing bar makes your skin smooth from outside and heals it from inside.
  • Almond’s nourishing qualities help alleviate dryness, pigmentation, and signs of ageing.

Weight: 125gms

Enriched With Glycerin

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Almond Soap For Fine Elasticity & Perfect Skin Toning

The pure almond soap from Ozone Herbals is a tested preparation, which delivers an unparalleled cleansing experience for skin. This soap is enriched with almond oil and glycerine – both of which cleanse the skin from bacteria and fungus. This almond bathing soap prevents the skin from UV damaging, moisturizes it, and brings freshness in your mood. The herbal benefits derived from this almond soap are innumerable. It cleanses the skin by being very light on it.

Give your skin the love and care it deserves with this best almond soap in India. Enriched with the goodness and nourishment of almond, this almond soap is a true caretaker of your skin. Say no to dull skin and welcome a plump and healthy skin.

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