Who We Are?

For nearly three decades, the Ozone Group has been inspired by a single vision: to help improve and lengthen people’s lives all over the world. Our journey started in 1991 with pharmaceuticals, and has evolved to include a wide range of food, beauty and health products. Today, our award-winning company is excited to bring our innovative skincare line – developed using the age-old principles of Ayurveda – to North America.

Ozone Herbals is known for its health care, beauty care, skin care and personal care products. Ozone Herbals Products are never tested on animals. In addition to our products being gentle, safe and highly effective, they are also gentle on the environment and that’s very important to – who we are.

Who We Are - Ozone Herbals
About Us - Ozone Herbals

What We Do?

Our herbs are harvested from the earth, but we looked at the sky for our inspiration. Ozone is a naturally occurring component of the atmosphere that we like to call the plant’s guardian. Without it, life couldn’t survive, and only a trace amount is needed to keep is healthy.

Similarly, the active ingredients in our Ozone Herbals skin care products have been selected for their specific health benefits and are grown on our own certified organic farms. Thousands of years of Ayurvedic wisdom and modern scientific research have shown the power of plants to give your skin exactly what it needs, everyday. Nature supplies the ingredients. Science provides the formulation. You get the results.